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Client Reviews

Where do I begin! Amy and her staff handled my incident. It was a long process with many ups and downs. To sum it up it was a road rage incident where I was the victim. Against all odds and countless hours of phone conversations and emails and after I was told I was not going to be able to recover anything, it happened. The team here kicked butt and got me settled. Although it was a near-impossible case they did it and I couldn't be more pleased. Highly recommend!!

Joseph A.

Wow! What an amazing law firm! I am based in Northern California but so happy to be working and connecting with them through the distance and on the phone. Very professional and very sweet. I spoke to Heather, Brenda, and Alex on the phone a few times and I'm so impressed with how organized they are and they communicate well with their own team to get things going smoothly. Also, they all have fun and nice personalities that keep you wanting to talk to them as if you were friends and clients forever! Love the energy they give out. My Doctor and I would 10/10 recommend this law firm to anyone that needs great support for personal injuries.

Julie N.

Ms. Ghazal helped me when my case was about to hit the statute of limitation, no other attorney was willing to look at my case, she took my case and settled it for me very quickly. I couldn't be happier with her work. She got me the compensation I deserved

Sandra D.